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Welcome to Rockdale Rising Stars, a brand-new initiative by Rockdale Musical Society designed to nurture the talents of our younger and teen members in the vibrant world of musical theatre. Starting in Term 3, this exciting performing arts school will offer students the unique opportunity to develop their skills in singing, music, dance, and acting under the guidance of dedicated and experienced teachers. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive and immersive education in musical theatre, ensuring every student can shine on stage.
















Classes for Rockdale Rising Stars will run twice a week, with each student attending one class per week. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to cover all areas of performance, offering a balanced and thorough approach to musical theatre training. Whether your child is a budding singer, dancer, or actor, our expert instructors will help them hone their technique and build confidence in a friendly and professional environment. By fostering a love for the performing arts and encouraging creative expression, we aim to cultivate the next generation of theatre stars.

As part of Rockdale Musical Society's esteemed legacy, students of Rockdale Rising Stars will have the exciting opportunity to participate in our Junior and Full-Length productions each year. This hands-on experience in real stage productions is invaluable, providing practical knowledge and a deeper understanding of the theatrical world. Being part of Australia's oldest musical theatre company offers a unique and enriching experience, connecting young performers with a rich heritage of artistic excellence.

Join us at Rockdale Rising Stars and embark on a journey of artistic growth and discovery. Whether your child dreams of the spotlight or simply wants to explore the magic of musical theatre, our program is designed to inspire and develop their talents. Be a part of our vibrant community and watch your child flourish as they take their first steps on the stage, guided by the legacy and expertise of Rockdale Musical Society.


Students DOB
Class Age Group
6 - 10 Years
11 -15 Years

After you submit your application, one of our team members will contact you with available times, dates, and term fees.

Please note that this application is only an Expression of Interest (EOI) for enrollment and does not guarantee placement in a class. Each class has limited spots.

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